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Digital document certification & verification offers great rewards






Give added value to your customers by integrating digital convenience and trust to your service. Our solution also offers a new and efficient way to run many internal processes with your staff.

Millions of paper degree and training  certificates are issued every year by colleges and training companies. Save money and time – digitise your process with DOCIDENT. Issue digital certificates that can never be lost or altered.

Hundreds of thousands of job references and employment contracts are issued every year. Digitise your process with DOCIDENT by issuing digital certificates that can never be altered or lost. Plus save on admin costs.

Your business can file contracts with DOCIDENT that are immutable and can never be altered. Build trust with partners and save on notary fees as you won’t need third-party signatures.





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Add DOCIDENT’s digital seal to products to give added value to customers. Seals prove goods are genuine and lead customers to digital documents like instructions or proof of ownership.

Upload your ISO certification to DOCIDENT to share with your customers, building trust and reassuring them of the quality of your services or products.

Records of transactions, contracts – any financial dealings can be stored on the blockchain via DOCIDENT. Give your records proof of authenticity and share them with whomever you like.

Verify contracts, your last will, CVs, medical records, etc. and have them available in one place and verifiable by everybody. Or certify  photographs that prove the condition of your returned rental car or Airbnb accommodation.