How DOCIDENT works



Select any file

Select any file (upload not required!) and we generate its unique digital fingerprint using proven crytographic functions (“SHA256 hash”). This fingerprint identifies your asset beyond any doubt.

The content of the file can not be regenerated from the fingerprint. Even the slightest change to the file would create a different fingerprint!

Various meta-data information can be added to the file.

Confirm your identity

Every DOCIDENT certificate contains information about its publisher. From “my anonymous email” to “my verified business information” everything is possible.

We have three different identity verification levels. For our premium level we do extensive vetting and verification of your provided information.

It is important to understand that your information is burnt into the certificate and can not be changed later in the same way you would use a letterhead for a  written statement.

Create your certificate

Here you simply select the type of certificate you like. For instance our Premium Version including free ownership transfer.

With just one click your certificate will be created and the blockchain transactions that make your certificate immutable forever are initiated.


Use your certificate

Now start using your certificate including your secured document. Share it with others, let people know about it on social networks or just simply store it for future use.

One of our key features is our unique digital seal.

For each certificate we provide a unique online seal including a QR code. You can download this seal and include it in your document.

Even more practical are our tamper-proof digital sticker seals with QR and NFC technology. Just attach it to any document or physical asset for easy identification and verification!

Powerful document management

Using our powerful features for digital document management you can easily manage your certificates and files. Use personal or company-wide folder structures, manage & share certificates or even transfer ownership to other users.

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This is how DOCIDENT works its magic

DOCIDENT uses a clever combination of proven encryption functions, a public blockchain to create immutable records that last forever,

powerful document management features and an easy to use interface available on all platforms.

Digital revolution with innovative, unique features

DOCIDENT allows businesses and individuals to speed up digital transformation by providing technology that’s innovative and unique to the market. Cut your paper document mountain now.

Identity validation

Let DOCIDENT validate your identity in order to show trust to your customers and partners.

Document management

Manage all your documents and certificates in one place from all your devices at any place.

Digital seals

DOCIDENT is the first solution supporting digital seals, which connect physical  assets with digital counterparts.

Document Sharing

It’s simple to share your important digital files with customers, business partners, students, partners or friends.

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Manage all your documents and digital assets securely for all time

DOCIDENT gives all users the power to own, manage and share their digital documents and files in a safe way.

Integrity of important documents and files has always been a concern for business and individuals. Now DOCIDENT provides the solution.

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Access your important documents from any device

View or share your contracts, financial statements, training certificates, employment references, even family photos or CVs from your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Everything you value has a secure place in DOCIDENT.

Our Certificate, your proof of trust…

What is a digital certificate?

Every digital document verified with DOCIDENT generates a further unique receipt of proof, our certificate. This proves the authenticity of the document, the publisher, the owner and the auditable time stamp. You can share your certificate using its unique URL, or our sharing functions within the platform.

Any business or individual can now issue digital certificates from documents that can never be changed.

What is confirmed by DOCIDENT's certificates?

Our unique certificates confimrs the authenticity of:

  • The document itself and that it’s not manipulated
  • The date and time your document was certified
  • Your identity as the document’s publisher
  • The identity of DOCIDENT as the certifying organisation
What are the benefits for my personal use?

In an increasingly digital age, so many things that are important to us can be stored digitally. But most people don’t think about storing them in a single place, which can be accessed by you any time. And you can share the certificate including your file securely with whomever you like, either with DOCIDENT’s inbuilt share features, or by using a bespoke URL. Examples: contracts, diplomas, last will, insurance policies, training certificates, job references, CVs, and many more.

What are the benefits for my business?

The need for secure data management increases as the business and personal aspects of our lives become ever more digital.

DOCIDENT allows anybody to maintain and control their own data in a secure environment.

Our digital certificate is the confirmation of authenticity and can be accessed from everywhere for free, by anyone you choose.