You will document certification.

DOCIDENT makes content certification incredibly easy.

With just a few clicks you can certify your content, identify yourself as the publisher and digitally deliver your documents.

Everybody with access to your document can verify its authenticity and integrity. For free.

Welcome to the world of value-added documents!

Create Certificate

Using our web, mobile or desktop apps you can create a certificate for any document in just a few clicks.

Additionally you can:

  provide access to your content

  specify meta tags, select folder

  select more advanced options.

We also provide an API to integrate and automate certificate creation.

Share Certificate

Using your new certificate is easy.

We offer powerful features:

  share unique certificate link/URL

  invite others to your certificate

  use shared folder for collaboration

  connect your document using our SMART-STICKER

  deliver the certificate using our SMART-CARD

You keep full control over all sharing settings at all times.

Verify document

Anyone with access to your file can verify it quickly and free forever, no registration needed. Uploading the file is not required!

Verification is available by using our:

  web application

  apps for iOS and Android

  desktop client software.

Verification provides you with proof of content integrity, publisher identity and creation timestamp.

Powered by blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology provides inmutable storage that allows you to save information without risk of hacking, manipulation or loss.

We create digital fingerprints of your content and identity using modern cryptographic functions. Only these fingerprints are stored in the blockchain, not your original content.

Key Features

Built for real-world use cases.

DOCIDENT allows businesses and individuals to speed up digital

transformation by providing technology that’s innovative and unique to the market.


Document certification is available on web, app and desktop platforms.


Key security features are part of the DOCIDENT solution.


Sharing your certificates is incredibly easy and powerful.


Complex technologies are invisible behind our user friendly apps.


Customers & Employees

Provide trusted documents for customers, prospects, press & public, fares and many more.

Training & Education

Digitally present job references, diplomas, training certificates, etc. that can’t be faked or changed.

Finance, Legal & Audit

Build trust with contracts and certificates e.g. ISO,DIN that can’t be tampered with, but are accessible by all parties

Physical assets & Products

Secure valuable physical assets by tagging with a unique digital seal to match its blockchain fingerprint


Verify all personal documents like contracts, last will, medical data, photos, etc. and securely share them.


The anatomy of a high-end document certification solution.

Certificate Overview


A “certificate” represents key properties of your document. A “document” can be any digital file such as pdf, excel, word, image, video, mp3  These properties include:

Content [hash]  


Publisher Information[hash]  

Owner Information [hash]  

Certifier’s Confirmation  


Each of our certificates comes with

a unique, secure URL  

SMART-SEAL with QR-Code  

various sharing and delivery features  

various customisation options  


Optionally, the certificate can contain the original file itself – this way you can deliver not only the proof of authenicity but also the content itself!

See example certificate

Connect your assets


Having a genuine certificate is nice but connecting it to real world assets is even better!

We provide various options:

  tamper-proof SMART-STICKER

  credit card sized SMART-CARD.

  easy to carry SMART-TAG.

  powerful online SMART-SEAL

Our SMART-STICKER, SMART-CARDS and SMART-TAGS feature both QR-Code and NFC technologies. This allows easy and instant verification and access to the certificate details. Our SMART-SEAL can even be used during the creation process of your file!

Powerful certificate management


DOCIDENT comes with many powerful features to manage your certificates and documents:

User-friendly interface  

Quick certificate creation  

Secure file upload & storage  

SMART-SEAL pre-generation  

Flexible folder structure  

Shared folders for businesses  

Sharing & ownership transfer